Day 302 – Snowtober Saturday

Are we the only people who book car hire while in the States, with an online company in Manchester, to take a car from Alamo from round the block??  World gone crazy, but a much cheaper option, and more exciting when we discovered we’d been upgraded to a Jeep…..

As it turns out, thank god we had a 4×4, as the heavy rain of the late morning, began to gradually turn to sleet, and finally to snow!

With Richard leading in the red car, we finally made it to Stamford….

and began to realise how serious this snowstorm was.  It continued to snow solidly all afternoon, so the gang set out by foot to find provisions,




while Sabine cooked up a Boeuf Bourguignon, and we warmed the house up and hunted out the candles and torches (just in case).

By late afternoon, we were living with flickering electricity, and had heard state warnings about power outages due to falling trees.  Actually when you look around Connecticut it’s incredible to see how many huge power lines still run above your head, and the combination of snow on trees still full of leaves is actually disastrous.  We survived until 7.30pm, and then it was lights out for the next 36 hours!

Thank God for the Gas hob, chilled champagne, and a roaring fire.  But the night ended early, and fully clothed!  Brrrrr….

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