Day 300 – New York, New York

so good they named it twice……




The great thing about New York is you walk off a plane, exhausted, but so excited whether it’s you first time or your fiftieth.  The city that never sleeps, just grabs you and keeps you fighting against the overwhelming desire to curl up and snooze.  Especially if you’re at Richard and Sabine’s knocked out by the glorious views (apologies as I will not doubt post thousands of city views in the coming days but it is truly awesome!), and prime location.

We headed out mid afternoon to walk Flatiron down 5th, across 14th, to Union Square, and back up Broadway to 29th.  These are some of the many shots along the way…… I guess my posts over the next few days with be visually based with few words!


these furry friends are eating chips out of the trash can!


And as we had only eaten 3 meals by this stage (3pm) and we wanted to beat the jetlag, we headed into Eataly for a quick pizza.

Wow!  Love this concept….. everything from Italy under one huge roof!



























Eataly New York | We Sell What We Cook & We Cook What We Sell.



and just to finish up the first day in New York, I just had to include the tune from Frank Sinatra……



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