Day 298 – the iStuff updates….

In years gone by, when planning a holiday, you started out with a ‘To Do’ list that basically revolved around the following;

  • – clothes to pack
  • – flight tickets/passport/holiday travellers cheques (do you remember those!) and cash in your hand luggage (along with medication and one nights stuff incase the suitcase went missing!)
  • – toiletries/books/magazines
  • – camera and film (!)
  • – anything you couldn’t live without as you were probably travelling to a country where you wouldn’t be able to buy it!

Boy, how things have changed.

I am standing here, telling the kids to pack the bare minimum (as we will shop til we drop when we get there), and SERIOUSLY spending all my time backing up, charging, updating and downloading all the electronics we can’t live without!!  OK granted, it means we travel lightly, with everything readable/watchable and listenable on the iStuff, but isn’t it incredible how a trip has become so much easier in some ways, and so much more complicated in others?

I have to admit, I’ve looked longingly at one or two books and magazines, but then dismissed them on the grounds that they take too much space, and will take up precious kilos on the return journey.

How different to our numerous car trips to France, where everything is just chucked in the back of the car, or stored there until the next visit.  Guess I’m spoilt by that and having to adjust to life at 35000 ft.

Downloads ‘To Do’ for a holiday trip

  • iPlayer world (app via itunes from bbc for the ipad)
  • if you really want to watch all UK and US shows, then Hide My Ass (HMA – the vpn pro service that gives you a roaming IP address) so that you can download all current stuff and watch live during your trip!!
  • new mags on Zineo
  • last weeks download of the Sunday Times
  • the most recent podcasts of BBC Radio 4, particularly Womens Hour and the Comedy
  • some interesting internet articles saved for later reading on Instapaper
  • Scrabble and RummikubHD for playing with the kids
  • YogaHD for those chill out moments you’ll need inbetween!!

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