Day 288 – Autumn by candlelight

One of the joys of Autumn is as the nights draw in, you can close the curtains, turn down the lights, and light up some wonderfully scented candles.  Relaxation is the name of the game, and scents that calm and chill you out, while evoking memories of places, adventures or just moments in time, are essential.

I have a few absolute favourites, that come into their own this month……





This is a Belgian brand that I discovered a few years ago and is probably my personal number 1.  Baobab, which was launched in 2002, is inspired by the landscapes of Tanzania.   Their scents are evocative of distant places, and use intense colours and fragrances to transport you to the African wilds.  Produced in Waver since 2004, I have worked my way through a large number of candles over the years, and often given them as gifts (even to a good friend as a wedding present).  We also recycle the fabulous glass jars to hold displays such as shells and pebbles in France, and crayons in Belgium.

My absolute favourite fragrances are Miombo Woodlands (anise and cedar – perfect in winter), Madagascar vanilla (Bourbon vanilla/Frangipani tree – reminds me of island life), and Serengeti Plains (Bergamot rose).

Encre de Chine (wood and jasmin) is currently burning in my front room.

via Baobab Collection.





As my good friends know, this is our most beloved brand for all things bathroom based.  This was cemented last Christmas, when Hubbie and I managed to give each other a selection of Cowshed products (and they were the same ones!).

Hence I have a few Cowshed candles, which are wonderful to burn in our bedroom and bathroom.

Need I say more about my favourites……


Grumpy Cow

(trying not to be!)

Feeling low? Rediscover your zest for life with essential oils of mandarin red to invigorate the senses, petitgrain to cleanse and purify, and grapefruit to stimulate circulation.

For when you are – stressed, irritable, drained of all enthusiasm or in need of a hug/bath/large gin and tonic.

via Grumpy Cow Energising Essential Oil Benefits.


Knackered Cow

(feeling right now!)

Burnt out? Slow down and de-stress with essential oils of lavender to restore harmony and eucalyptus to ease tired muscles.

For when you are – Burnt out, find concentration a struggle, overdoing it 90% of the time, in no fit state to operate heavy machinery.

via Knackered Cow Relaxing Essential Oil Benefits.


Horny Cow


SEDUCTIVE COLLECTION with sensual rose absolute, patchouli and cinnamon.

For when you are – Frisky – Romantically inclined – Plotting a seduction – Can not rely on underwear alone!

via Horny Cow Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Effects.






Le Labo is a fantastic shop that I discovered in Nolita/NYC about 6 years ago.  I was bowled over by the laboratory approach to the store (the VM is fabulous) and loved the fragrances they mixed live on the premises.  A few years ago they added candles to the mix, and I was sold.  You really do have to smell their stuff, now available in Paris and London to name a few locations, they are well worth a visit.  My favourites are Neroli 36 and Figue 15.

Describing our perfumes in words seems to be an absolute must and totally useless at the same time… On a street in New York City’s Chelsea, a sign was recently posted that spelled out in capital letters: “EXPLAINING KILLS ART”. You could say exactly the same thing about perfume. Above all, you have to smell and feel it…. Choosing your perfume by reading an olfactory description is like asking for someone’s resume before falling in love… But until the Internet allows us to smell online, we have found nothing better than words to “explain” our scents…

via Le Labo North America – PERFUME.




To sum it all up however, I am just a straightforward candle diva, who loves the flickering light cast by the glow of candlelight, and the warm aroma of perfume, so I have a cupboard of many varied and vastly different candles ready to leap into action.  I’m a sucker for a nice jar, a bit of cool packaging and the smell of something gorgeous, so roll on the long evenings, I’m ready to light up!!



Blog photo thanks to Lune Vintage.


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