Day 285 – the view from my window……

I am now officially taking it easy.  My stomach flu still rumbles on and having been reprimanded by my Doctor for overdoing it (some call that living life!) and my blood pressure being too high again, I find myself back on new BP tablets with further investigations into my tiredness and aches and pains.  The anti-inflamatories are kicking in, but the exhaustion remains.  Time to take it easy for a while.

I started with a coffee with the chickens in the back garden (perfect chill location, literally as it’s a little cold and wet today).  And am currently sitting next to my front room window trying to relax, trying not to think about the 101 things I should be doing at work, my untidy house, and unruly kids, but unfortunately it is not such a good location.

You see, in my street it’s not so easy to see the happy things go by (except the neighbours, and they’re currently all out at work).  Usually the things that go by are the Cars.  And often ones that are going the wrong way down the one way street.  I am trying to let it go.  OK, I might draft a letter of complaint to the commune that 10% (yes I have been counting) go the wrong way, but I promise that then I will stop worrying and let them deal with it.

But this morning, something unusual came by which made me smile, instead of frown.

I heard it at first, and it didn’t make sense.  The sound of an organ grinder gradually approaching (the right way!) down the street.  I went outside, and this happy man was entertaining all and sundry with his portable organ.  No monkey nowadays (probably an EU thing), and a tamborine.  I listened, gave him a coin, thanked him, and smiled some more. He did too.  I still am, and I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

6 Responses to “Day 285 – the view from my window……”
  1. grandad says:

    Liked the comments,it was nice to talk last night
    Take it easy

  2. Linda says:

    Glad your smiling, sorry you feel poorly. Unlike you we don’t get traffic nor do we get organ grinders but we do get the occassional horse and rider


  3. sounds perfect! feeling better today, and even the sun has started shining. Nearly weekend x

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