Day 280 – I need to knit……

I’ve just realised that the scarf has been hidden in the depths of the ‘to do’ pile for a couple of weeks, and as we are now finally and officially in Autumn (it’s cold and wet again!), I really ought to get my skates on.  So after dinner tonight, I will dutifully turn off the computer, stop surfing the internet for cool Paper posts (you’ll understand more at the weekend!) and knit.

In the meantime, if you need to be further convinced about the cool things you can knit, look no further………… and get those needles out!  These are ideas for my next ambitious knit project.  Enjoy!







Just click on the images to reach the original website. (unfortunately I cannot find the original sources of the 2 scarf patterns)

Many thanks to

Knitty: Summer 2006.

huset’s modern scandinavian design blog.

Hand-Knitted Woolen Pouf @ Lushlee.


and Pinterest of course!


4 Responses to “Day 280 – I need to knit……”
  1. Holy smokes !!!! I love every single one of these projects !!!!! Cracking out the knitting needles TODAY! xx

  2. Hey Lizzi
    I tried to click on the photos to take me to the original linked site, but it didn’t work. Any ideas ? Talk soooooon… knitting needles are lonely without patterns haha…

    • Hi Lynne, Lovely to hear from you, and enjoying your blog! I am so jealous of your tree house, and can’t believe you were close by in Europe until 2 months ago. I have updated the links where possible but couldn’t find 2 back via Pinterest. If I find the original site, I’ll let you know. Enjoy knitting!!

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