Day 267 – sunny saturday

The sun might have headed south for the winter, but this weekend has brought an unexpected warm spell to Brussels, at last.  Autumn has been pushed backwards here for the next few days, yippee!

Taxi Mum went into overdrive (and overheated a bit) this weekend with the start of the football season (running alongside the swimming).  But at least the sun means that parents can lounge around at the side of the pitch and gossip.  It’s lovely to meet up again with some old BEPs parents, whose sons are in the same team, giving us a golden opportunity of carpooling as they also still live in the city centre.  Only thing now is the get the cold six-packs organised for the supporters, and coffee for when it turns cold!! (though I think Taxi Dad will have to take over at that point and I’ll return to the comfort of the pool bar!)

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