Day 264 – sometimes life is full of surprises…..

Last night, sitting at the kitchen table, someone whispered in my ear…..’I think I’ll try wearing a skirt tomorrow’.  Silence.  Luckily it wasn’t Hubbie, or my son, which might have resulted in me falling off my stool.  But for my daughter to state this, was equally as shocking!  This is the girl who wriggled out of skirts as a baby, ripped them off as a toddler, and has never (and I mean never!) been cajoled into anything resembling a skirt, dress, short shorts, fairy princess dress, or tights with shoes….. Heaven forbid suggesting that she wear anything except a pair of jeans, apart from a few brief weeks a couple of years ago when she flirted with harem pants!
I quietly regained my composure.  Mmm, I said.  Might be difficult as you made me sell or giveaway every skirt that ever came through the door in the last few years.  Apart from the two I bought last week, which she yet again turned her nose up at, from the sample sale at work.  Strangely, she said she’d consider the black wool one.  So off we went to her room, to put together an outfit, that worked with the black skirt.  Success!  Even the boots she swore she’d wear when we were in the shop last winter (and subsequently hid in the back of the wardrobe) came out. And shock horror, this morning she got up and put the whole ensemble on.  And allowed me to photograph it.  And wore it to school……
Here it is, to join the archive of things she sometimes does.  To sometimes remind me that she is a girl.  But who, in true ‘my daughter’ style, returned home tonight complaining of sore feet, no fun on the playground, and with the final statement of ‘I won’t be doing that on a regular basis!’
Join the club darling!

Many Thanks to the beautiful visual from Lustables: Flouncy Hanging Lamps | EcoSalon | Conscious Culture and Fashion.  Now I know what to do with all those skirts she will continue to refuse to wear!!

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