Day 261 – car free Sunday!

We started at the market at Flagey, stocking up on picnic contents, comparing routes with Pieter and the gang, and admiring the latest graffiti art from Denis Meyers……

The first lap took us home, (to drop off my sunday shopping!) then down to Watermael Boitsfoit to the next Sunday market where we chilled in the sun to Jazz and cold beers…..








Charlie by then had fixed his flat tyre and met us on leg 2, off to Woluwe Parc and the area near the tram museum.  Here we camped out by the lake and enjoyed our picnic……










A quick pit stop in the Brasserie for a coffee/hot chocolate (for those wearing less suitable clothes for the changeable weather!), and a beer or a glass of wine for the more road hardy!  Then we headed up to Montgomery (a long slow, but achievable hill), where we were finally caught out by the rain…..
































The last leg took us back to Flagey (a crafty calculated flat run, with the only drawback that it was a steep up hill to Ave Louise!), and the Yummy Mummies bright idea of a Mamma Roma take out at home……… Wonderful, and well deserved by all -> Bravo!

I SO LOVE car free Sundays!! especially when not accompanied by a headache….yeh!


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