Day 258 – the homecoming…..

Thursday was rather a difficult day.  Somewhere along the way, I lost my temper a couple of times (unheard of in one week, let alone one day!), switched to new glasses, and stupidly spent all day on the computer screen.   Bang……… guess what!  One hell of a Migraine started 1 hour before the return of the long lost Hubbie.  So unfair.  I just managed the Parent Teacher evening at school (and managed some semi-intelligent questions), before I was knocked out by deep drilling in the left hand side of my head.

Within 5 minutes of Hubbie arriving home, I was thrashing around in bed in agony.  Not quite what I had envisaged.

Luckily the kids had prepared the homecoming, and bravely continued the welcome home, while I spent the next 24 hours with my head in a vice with a Black & Decker drill.

I finally emerged very groggy on Saturday, and have gradually recovered over the last few days, hence the computer silence as in all honesty, the glare of a computer doesn’t do you any favours!  Now it’s catch up time!

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