Day 257 – One Week without Hubbie….

and yet another swimming session tonight!  I have now switched to Grapefruit and Soda, with free nuts, as I have been single handedly keeping the bar and restaurant profitable!  Tonight I focused on more messaging and facebooking about REcircle‘s involvement in Park(ing) Day here in Brussels, and dreaming up some more ideas.  More on that tomorrow, as I am suddenly very weary at the end of the long week apart (and another drive today to Dusseldorf).  Hubbie isn’t back until very late tomorrow night, I’m still undecided about going away (and feeling the cold a bit too much to face a campsite!), and feel we’re needed here in Brussels.  Tomorrow is also a Parent/Teacher evening at school, and I’ve just realised I haven’t done the ‘homework’ for this -> HELP!

But at least the ‘surprise’ for his homecoming is nearly done, finishing touches tomorrow night and all will be revealed.

Night, Night……..until tomorrow!



Photo via Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She Will Move by bopeepbaby.

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