Day 256 – Park(ing) Day

As Brussels gears itself up for its annual Car-free Sunday (this Sunday September 18th), we have stumbled upon a great initiative on the internet called Park(ing) Day.

Basically its a worldwide event where city residents are inspired to spend this Friday and Saturday, taking over a Parking space in their City to convert it into something else.  It’s up to you, but green spaces, play areas and generally hang out spaces are encouraged, ie take back your city from the cars!  Thanks to Pieter, who ran with this idea after I posted it on facebook last week, we’re about to take over a space in Ixelles, Brussels, to promote and encourage residents to get to know and come play at REcircle.  As yet we don’t have premises yet for REcircle, our non-profit Creative Reuse Centre, but this Friday and Saturday, you can hang out with us, and learn more about what we plan to do, and participate in some cool creative stuff, on our parking lot outside Turtlewings.  For more info on how to get there, click here

So do come and join us, have some fun and see how you can help get our project off the ground, or benefit from it!



More info on REcircle ->

REcircle is a non-profit organization which collects, sorts, educates with and distributes clean, beautiful, safe industrial scrap.

The mission of REcircle is to stimulate societal awareness of the value of creative reuse of waste-material, and thereby to contribute to a greater ecological awareness in society.We are on the crossroad of art, culture, corporate life and industry.

REcircle stimulates the concept of reuse above recycling in order to close the usage circle, in other words REcircle. We see waste-material not as garbage but treat it as an opportunity for creation and communication.

REcircle activities are focused on communities where the realization of the REcircle mission can make a particular impact on the economic, social, educational, cultural and ecological wellbeing of the community.


For those who prefer pictures rather than words, this sums up REcircle!



Réinventer nos places de parking – Inter-Environnement Bruxelles.

Inter-Environnement Wallonie | Vendredi, ce sera “PARK(ing) DAY”. Participez !.

Park(ing) Day 2011 |  Resources.



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