Day 254 – My Sunday Sweat session

Anna really really really did not think I would be back today at Bikram Yoga.  But one close shave with death by overheating was not going to put me off just yet.  After all, I survived 30 minutes poolside last night at 30 degrees, after they had closed the bar (and why on earth do you close a bar at 8pm in the evening when there are kids still swimming, I ask myself – oh yeah it’s because most Belgian parents go off and have a life/dinner elsewhere….I remember all the ‘drop off and run’ birthday parties when the kids were younger, they just don’t hang out and around with the kids/babies if they can help it!).  But I am wandering off the subject in hand.  My Sunday Sweat Session.

I would have been woken up early again this morning if I had not chosen to do so myself, as Hubbie had forgotten to tell the Big Boys in the street that he was away, and they rang the doorbell to take him out to play at 9.45 (tennis in case you’re wondering).  So after a bit of searching for the kit, stocking up on water, dropping the kids at Jules and biking to Bikram, I was sort of raring to go.  Or at least to prove that I could stay alive and keep breathing for another 90 minutes of contortion.

The nice part today was that I survived, and even smiled a couple of times (instead of just grimacing!).  I did most of the exercises, didn’t get dizzy or sick, and wasn’t the new girl.  Yippee!

Got to check out those evening schedules when Hubbie is back, I have this strange need to stretch myself further!!


One Response to “Day 254 – My Sunday Sweat session”
  1. sjef says:

    Hubbie did tell the boys that he wasn’t there this and next week-end… just shows that in general boys do not listen… But girls don’t worry they are not selective as this was a boy telling boys…:-)

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