Day 253 – Shopping by sms…..

So much for that super chilled weekend…..

I had managed to lose the kids from my bed around 4am (they feel the need to stick to me like limpets in the absence of their Dad).  I can assure you the only benefit of a Hubbie away is a Big Bed to yourself, and it just isn’t the same when you have two wiggly worms wriggling next to you!  I sighed and promised them the joys of uninterrupted  TV in the morning, if they would only crawl back to their own beds for a few hours.  It worked.

However no-one had warned my Hubbie that early morning phone calls on the weekend, do not cut with me.  I just thought he knew me well enough.  However it was a bit of a catch 22 situation, as he was out shopping (and had been for a few hours in Shanghai) and was desperate for some price advise and advise on which brands to buy.  Bang went my lie-in, and for 2 hours I checked and double checked prices in Euros and Dollars, with the only outcome a super set of headphones which hopefully if not fake, have saved a fair bit of money (and will be a big help on my thrice weekly trips to the pool).  The other benefit however was the formation of a shopping list already for the US, and a quick email confirmation from Richard that we can start ordering….. yippee!

Now back to the relaxing weekend, and lunch with Pieter and Jules…..



And for more sms inspired internet shopping, try Etsy…….Love this!


OMG WTF LOL Hand stamped Gold Brass Necklace by stringofjewels.

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