Day 252 – Hubbie’s gone Day 2

It’s been a particularly quiet day today.  I mean, without anyone to talk to as opposed to not being busy, in case you were wondering!

I was on my own in the office, apart from a short break at lunchtime when I skyped Shanghai Sjef, I had no sensible conversations with anyone in the flesh.  Ok, the odd hello from Davide on the Outerwear design team opposite us, as he picked up his colour prints from the machine in our room, and a quick lunch with Helen, but that was mainly it.  It continued this evening, with a 4 hour stint at the pool, where I read, ate and drank, and surfed the net a bit.  Still no adult conversation.  It was funny as I was due to go out after 9, to Rebecca’s leaving do, but a pounding headache, and a strong desire to cosy under the duvet, put paid to that.  So I cancelled my babysitter/ironing queen, and called it an early night.  May’be it’s time to meditate?

I’m hope I’ll be up for more inspiring stuff tomorrow……  in the meantime, relax….



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