Day 251 – Day 1 without Hubbie!

Yes I survived the pool run yesterday.  Came home late last night and made today’s sandwiches.  Packed the kids off to bed. And then worried all night if I would get up in time to get the kids to school and make work in Dusseldorf by 10am!

How life changes without Hubbie here.  He’s the one that gets up at the crack of dawn, never forgets to set the alarm, and leaves lights on and thumps around to make sure I get up before I need to.  And when he’s feeling really generous, brings me camomile tea in bed.  Now with him ‘lost in action’ in Shanghai, I am relying on the 30 yr old alarm clock (a sony radio one which I have fond memories of as a teenager and refuse to get rid of), and kids who are huffing and puffing and kicking next to me all night.  But as soon as the alarm goes off, are dead to the world.

I made it.  Just.  7 more to go……


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