Day 249 – Memories of summer…….and how to prepare for the next

It definitely feels like summer is disappearing fast, as Brussels temperatures hit 13 degrees.  However there are ways of grabbing that summer feeling again, and looking forward to the next one (apart from the expensive option of booking your summer holiday ‘Down Under’ in winter!).  On one of my favourite ‘hanging out’ sites, Pinterest, I spied this visual, and clicked onto the link..

EPBOT: How’s it Hangin’? A Flop Tutorial.


What a great way to sort out your flip flops, and keep them clean and sorted ready for the next trip to Concarneau (eh, Janine!!)

And just to prove that I do have friends out there who will benefit from this advice…….. here’s Janine’s summer collection as worn in Concarneau, July 23rd til August 7th 2011……























































A nice reminder that at some point this year, we did have some sunshine!!!




One Response to “Day 249 – Memories of summer…….and how to prepare for the next”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Wow. That’s an impressive collection!

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