Day 247 – Feeling ‘Hot Hot Hot!’

The shock horror of last Sunday has still not quite sunk in. I have been claiming for months that I was going to restart yoga, but having failed to find something close by, I had been treading water on this one for a while. Then Anna piped up, ‘come to Bikram Yoga, sweat out all the stress and toxins!’

Oh right, I thought.   Me, the girl who can’t stand a sauna for 10 mins max, is going to sweat it out in a class at over 100 deg F, for ONE and a HALF hours!! But last Sunday I gave in, complete with a less than 100% current health status, I thought……it won’t kill me. HA HA!

Let me assure you, it can, and in all reality it probably will.  Before we’d even started moving (sorry I mean breathing!), I had built up a bit of a sweat.  30 mins in and I was positively dripping.  Which I can assure you is a dodgy feeling on an office floor carpet!  Great for exfoliating dry feet, but ugh, do not want to think about what had dripped there previously!

1 hour in and I’m sitting on the floor, remembering the advice on a blog sent to me by Anna……under NO circumstances leave the class, just sit still and breathe.
Strange thing was, one girl was hyperventilating by this point, one had almost knocked over another girl in a complicated yoga pose as she ran from the room. And a few (me included), were breathing (But only just) and trying not to move, for fear of another heat overload passing over our bodies.

But believe me, as you experienced the massive relief of escaping the room after 1 and a half hours, and standing under a cold shower, the adrenaline rush hits…… And you want to scream, I survived! And somehow as in the same warm glow of childbirth……. you’re ready immediately to give it another go. Here’s to the next weekend!


Thanks Anna, for the fabulous journal entry, used in the main photo above.  To read more from my (supposed friend!) Anna, follow her on The Yellow Umbrella. and her brilliant sketchbook journalling on



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2 Responses to “Day 247 – Feeling ‘Hot Hot Hot!’”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Hehehe… sorry?

    Neh….. I’m not sorry one bit! See you tomorrow? 😉


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