Day 245 – Great Garden Inspiration…..

One day, shopping inspiration in Barcelona.  Next day, gardening inspiration in Germany.  Both work, both thoroughly enjoyable…..despite the heat (which was totally unexpected in Germany and resulted in me tottering around a garden centre sweltering in high heel boots, tight jeans and a long sleeve top -> but more later on a very sweaty weekend to come!)

We were working on a Bio project in VM for next spring, the weather was perfect and I think the photo’s say it all.

Enjoy the weekend, here’s to more Indian summers.


Life with Lizzi’s Hot Tips…..

get some old local gardening and farming elements into the mix….



plant in old tree trunks, let the wild take over….



re-use elements, like wooden crates and garden shelving units….





look for unusual structures in wood bark, and use old wood for seating



of course, add chickens (and this wonderful strutting cockerel) into the mix…


use old elements like metal troughs and wood to create display or garden tables….



wrap with hessian to cover unsightly elements….









use sculpture to add modernity…..


create seating and signage with wood…..



let nature speak for itself…..



and plant everywhere, on roofs, in pots on tables…..




use old unwanted elements from your interior, on the exterior…..













create candle-lit areas…..


use display boxes to store seeds and sell things…..





and don’t forget that ever useful chalkboard to tell your story….



with many thanks to Hoefkes Grarden centre in Kempen, Germany, for such great inspiration….


Baumschule Höfkes.



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