Day 231 – TGI it’s nearly Saturday…..

Boy was it one of those days today.  Luckily I had 3 perfect boys staying over last night, as I have to say the thought of a 2 year old in a cot next to our bed, was bringing me out in a cold sweat……. it has been a while, but luckily our daughter was … Continue reading

Day 230 – In the footsteps of the Parents…..

I am posting this recollection to remind me in the long dark winter, when my kids are in one of their long dark bored and ‘I’m not doing that’ moods, that at times they can be helpful, useful and very co-operative.  The trouble with kids is you cannot predict where, when and how!! Today, I … Continue reading

Day 229 – London Inspiration 2

What a great way to start Day 2 in London, lots of love with your coffee!  We skipped Starbucks and headed for an unusual looking coffee bar near the hotel.  Turned out to be an Aussie venture called Sensory Lab…….. great graphics, cool interior and super smooth coffee.  If you’re staying in the Mandeville Hotel … Continue reading

Day 233 – Sunday in NL

Headed for NL today as the kids are staying with Oma and Opa for 2 days before Back To School.  (time for some brushing up on their Dutch after all the French immersion of the last few weeks!) We had a few hours to spare before they arrived back from Judith’s, so we headed to … Continue reading

Day 228 – London Inspiration

After very little sleep but highly excited, my first day back at work after this short holiday was in London. During the Eurostar trip, I wrote a bit of my blog off-line on the iPad and watched a movie, until arriving at St Pancreas International, with incredibly tired eyes.  I think I’m  currently battling with … Continue reading

Day 227 – A Scorcher of a Day, and it’s time for Home….

Life can be so unfair, and cause very short nights! Yes the sun was scorching, so we super cleaned the house and were ready to roll at 11am….. To the beach! So much for my willpower to avoid the late night drive through France and Belgium. The kids pleading for one last trip to the … Continue reading

Day 226 – Sunny Sundays.

We had our ritual trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant today, as my Mum has been converted to the delights of French cheese, and crusty bread. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t travel well, but the Comte and the Morbier does, so we’ve filled the basket with cheeses and saucisson bound for the journey home … Continue reading

Day 224 – Our son’s birthday

Today was one of those magical days that you want to hold in your memory forever. Our son became 11 years old, and was so excited about his day, that he said thank you and cuddled me so many times that I lost count. Yes he had the presents that he really thought he really … Continue reading

Day 225 – Fun and Games

Saturday started wet, and just got wetter, until by the evening it was pouring down and didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. Luckily we had been spared this the day before, so it was time to just knuckle down, chill and play games with my parents and the kids.  Rummikub was … Continue reading

Day 223 – What has happened to the UK press?

I am getting really annoyed by the one-sided nature of the TV reporting of the Riots in the UK. Last night, the BBC spent 23 minutes talking about the destruction, the looters, and the rioting, on the Ten O’Clock news WITHOUT once mentioning the community spirit that is rising out of the ashes. Why not … Continue reading