Day 236 – Hopefully Harmony will return

After the turbulent day yesterday, and with kids back to school today, I had a chance to reflect on a strange co-incidence that happened on our door step last night, and continued today.  I have been struggling with various cleaners over the last few months, often resorting to doing it myself and this week was ready to call it a day on the current one.  Late last night, as I put out the rubbish, our old babysitter Sarah and her husband Ed passed our door, and as we chatted it transpired that he needed some work as I moaned about the running of our house at the moment (I’m thinking cleaning and odd jobs around the house here -> could be really useful!).  Then later in the day, my current cleaner saved me the ‘I don’t want you to clean my house anymore’ moment, by sms’ing me that she had found a full-time job!

Sometimes things just fall into place….I’m looking forward to getting rid of the clutter and finding my harmony again!!


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