Day 235 – Stormy Weather…..night or day?


I’m not sure what is happening with our weather at the moment but it was a bit scary on Tuesday to watch the sky darken, the heavens open, and the torrential rain and hailstones fall from the sky.  The chickens were looking very sorry for themselves, they were soaked for hours, and their chicken run resembled an outdoor swimming pool.  Our down pipes blew from the force of the water, and later in the evening we discovered that my daughters room had partially flooded causing tears as the new fluffy rug was muddy and soaking wet.

What a summer!  I’m actually beginning to look forward to Autumn, it can’t be this bad?


Can you believe this photo was taken at 10am in the center of Brussels………..

photo via Is it 10am or 10pm in #Brussels now ? The storm goes on and o… on Twitpic.

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