Day 234 – it’s just me and the cat, and 3 wet chickens but….

Tonight after a late return from Dusseldorf, I settled down to laptop life at the kitchen table, and undisturbed caught up on a lot of bits and pieces, and had a great Skype chat with my family back in Cornwall.

They were unfortunately counting the number and size of the glasses of white wine that I was drinking (that’s the drawback of video chatting!), but it is much more social to have a glass with your family, than alone with the cat and 3 chickens……. after all.

And just look at what you can create with the glasses and bottles afterwards….


this is a designer version of a chandelier….. (chandelini)

but you can find instructions on how to make your own version at…..Condo Blues: How to Make a Wine Glass Chandelier.


Great painted bottles, perfect for that kids candlestick project……

from Valri Peyser: Open Studios « The Pedestrian Poet.


or simply re-use bottles for your next dinner party (mine usually create that many at one sitting!!)

via Clear Bottle Candle Holders | i do it yourself™.


The main image of the blog is via  There’s Always Time for a Glass of Wine by sassytalk on Etsy.



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