Day 233 – Sunday in NL

Headed for NL today as the kids are staying with Oma and Opa for 2 days before Back To School.  (time for some brushing up on their Dutch after all the French immersion of the last few weeks!)

We had a few hours to spare before they arrived back from Judith’s, so we headed to our favourite shop to stock up (Albert Heijn of course) and to our favourite beach (Groede) for a late lunch.

My favourite at the beach……..

the kids of course love Ben & Jerry’s….








On the way to Oma and Opa’s late in the afternoon, we passed our Dutch house………. the orchard looks beautiful and well kept by Om Peter, and Boy do we miss the house (and our countryside life there).  May’be there may one day be a move away from Brussels, who knows……the chickens would certainly love it!!

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