Day 224 – Our son’s birthday

Today was one of those magical days that you want to hold in your memory forever. Our son became 11 years old, and was so excited about his day, that he said thank you and cuddled me so many times that I lost count. Yes he had the presents that he really thought he really wanted, yes he had money from family and friends, but the big issue for him (and the reason for all the thank you’s) was the experience of the day he was having. We had planned a surprise day on the water. Based on our terrace, 3 families spent the day, water-skiing, on the donut, and wake boarding on the back on a speedboat. (to be honest the mums stayed safely on the terrace or took turns at doing the photography from the back of the boat).
His birthday card from us actually summed it up, and is so true……..


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