Day 225 – Fun and Games

Saturday started wet, and just got wetter, until by the evening it was pouring down and didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. Luckily we had been spared this the day before, so it was time to just knuckle down, chill and play games with my parents and the kids.  Rummikub was a big favorite again, particularly as after a couple of games observing instead of playing, I had finally cracked it and managed to win two games, yippee! Chasing hearts (cards) was another favorite, and we finished the evening by 3 generations sitting on the sofa knitting. Bliss!

and things I liked today via Pinterest…..

via Dashwood Playing Cards – – Package Design Blog. – a great design for playing cards, imagine designing something like this for your family and friends!!

and how about making these for your christmas tree, visual via Maize Hutton. (but I couldn’t find the original source)

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