Day 223 – What has happened to the UK press?

I am getting really annoyed by the one-sided nature of the TV reporting of the Riots in the UK.

Last night, the BBC spent 23 minutes talking about the destruction, the looters, and the rioting, on the Ten O’Clock news WITHOUT once mentioning the community spirit that is rising out of the ashes.

Why not promote the Good, as well as the Bad?  What happened to the fair and non political press of the UK?

Why not report on the clean up work that is being done across the country by the local people who are still proud of their local communities, and get the general population to sign up for this?

The Internet shows a much more balanced picture, why can this not be used in the TV media too? Or is sensationalized TV now going mainstream?




BBC News – In pictures: Volunteers help with Manchester clean-up.

Mark Prigg | Blogs | Evening Standard.




One Response to “Day 223 – What has happened to the UK press?”
  1. sjef says:

    You’re absolutely right. On top of all this the politicians and police commissioners are now arguing over who gets the credit for the change to more robust policing after the first day of a ‘let’s not do them any harm’ approach..
    Of course the police should get full credit for how the riots were handled and the politicians should just stop this ‘Kindergarten’ type of behaviour as in the end they are to a large extend responsible for what happened by creating this society of ‘rich and poor’ and those large communities of youngsters who find it hard to see a bright future.. The rich will manage by themselves, it’s time start focusing on the less well-off parts of society and on boosting a community spirit where people are proud of their community and where people stand up for their community.

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