Day 221 – Community Clean Up…….after the Riots

Not such good news this week, unfortunately, as we wake up daily to the news of the Rioting in London, that has spread to other UK cities.  It has became addictive to watch all the feeds on FB, Twitter and the Internet, and in the wake of all the shame and disgust, to see that although social networking gave the opportunity for this type of behaviour to spread so fast, it has also given the opportunity for the sane and lawful minded of the world, to act in a consolidated way to ‘fight’ back peacefully.  It is particularly encouraging to see how sites sprang up immediately to other help and support to those in need, and to bring communities together.

One I’ve been following is linked here, Riot Clean Up (Riotcleanup) on Twitter.

and some others are listed here, for London and other areas of the country;

RebuildReeves (RebuildReeves) on Twitter.

Riot Rebuild (riot_rebuild) on Twitter.

Clean up London (Clean_Up_London) on Twitter.

Riot Rescuers (RiotRescue) on Twitter.

RiotCleanUpBrum (RiotCleanUpBrum) on Twitter. Coordinating the Birmingham clean up

riotcleanupWolv (riotcleanupWolv) on Twitter. Coordinating the Wolverhampton clean up

Riot Cleanup (CleanupRiot) on Twitter.

RiotCleanUpManc (RiotCleanUpManc) on Twitter. Coordinating the Manchester clean up

Let’s hope and pray that the Government, Police and the Communities can overcome all this, and out of the fires, come more focused and co-operative communities, which is what a lot of countries nowadays so desperately lack and need.

I love these posters that just sum it all up…..

by Josie Robson (@josielarks)

This is what we need to see all over the UK, thanks to  Community – Make it Count!.  for posting.

and thanks for the lead photo on a great blog post at…. Return to (Riot) Wombling « hobbytrials.

and for my musically minded friends take a look at A Song a Day – Day 222 « Dark Vador. and pray for bad weather to stop the riots!!

One Response to “Day 221 – Community Clean Up…….after the Riots”
  1. Great to see the community coming together to sort out this mess. Well Done everyone.

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