Day 220 – Thought for the day……. Never underestimate your Mum, or your Son!

At dinner tonight, my mum said ‘ if you over discipline the children, they’ll rebel as teenagers’

I think I just got told off for giving the kids a long list of things they had to do tomorrow……was that really my Mum?  My Dad nearly fell off the chair at the memories of my teenage years.  And the kids loved it!!

Later, my son was moaning about the choice of food (goats cheese and bacon Quiche, salad, artichokes,  -> ie. perfect daughter food!).  Nana said ‘Persevere, your tastes change as you get older…….  and also the more you eat of one thing you don’t like, the more you will like it!’

I had to agree, I explained that I used to hate eggs and cheese, but I love them now (hence the chickens!).  ‘Yes Mum’, said my Son, ‘but you still hate milk…….may’be you need to drink that every morning?’  (At this point I go green and start retching!!)

And by the way, who told him that real men don’t eat Quiche?!


Additional info

For fabulous Quiche in Brussels;

One Response to “Day 220 – Thought for the day……. Never underestimate your Mum, or your Son!”
  1. sjef says:

    wasn’t me….

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