Day 217 – TGI Friday……..

It really felt like a long haul this week, so I am truly glad to reach Friday, and the start of the weekend.

Our son is camping with a friend this weekend, so I can sneak into his bed and get a decent night’s sleep.  Our cleaner is due so the house may be a little cleaner.  And I can lie in for as long as I like on Saturday.  Perfect!

Only problem is the tumble dryer has broken down, the fridge/freezer is leaking, and the dishwasher is making strange whining noises (also discovered on my Thursday night meanderings around the house).  On top of the hole in the facade, I think the house is feeling really sorry for Himself (convinced it’s a He and not a She, as disaster strikes always before or after holidays!!), and needs some TLC.  Oh and yes, the chickens are devastating the garden plants on their trips out and about and have only just recovered from their long sulk over being looked after by 3 little hooligans and their Dad!! (- his words I promise!).  Yesterday we were finally back on 3 eggs a day!

Time for action.  After that long lie-in, a full English breakfast with some yummy fresh eggs, (and a cup of tea of course!), I will be revitalised and ready for tidy up time, with a bit of a re-organisation of the house…….. can’t wait!


and a BIg Thank You to Annika Sagfors for your brilliant chicken drawing!! Looking forward to seeing you at Turtkewings again soon…

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