Day 216 – soooo tired…….

The saga of sleeping on the camp beds in our son’s room continues.  This is night 5, and the exhausted sleepy glow of back to work has worn off and I’m waking each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed.  Tonight was topped off by the fact that no matter what, I was still wide awake at 3am in the morning!  It gets a little warm, cramped, and noisy sleeping with a cat up a pole, Hubbie and Son, who all make their own night time noises.  These range from gentle to loud snoring, talking in their sleep, and thumping about as they turn over.  The worst point of the night was the cat jumping off his pole and missing my head by a whisker!

I resorted to heavy tactics.  Equal thumping, huffing and getting up and down for toilet breaks, water and a general check of the house, which did not disturb or stop any of them.  So at 3.15am I headed upstairs for a cup of sleepy tea and my laptop.

The insomnia was cured relatively quickly, by watching the screen take forever to load, as the internet connection was obviously overrun by large numbers of fellow insomniacs, and the other side of the world at work and play.  Watching your FB page and the blog load at slow speed does the trick.  By 3.45am I was back in bed in the land of Nod.  Forget counting sheep, so passe!!

image via …. mental_floss Blog » Fried Lettuce, Slug Entrails and Other Insomnia Cures.

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