Day 215 – Holiday Thought for the Day….

This was an interesting article that had us giggling like hell in the office this week, as we continue on the holiday theme…..

Supposedly, UK women pack too many clothes for a two-week summer holiday and end up wearing just over half the items according to a survey by Co-operative Insurance. The value of the clothes in her suitcase averages £1,140 (approx 1,250 euros).

On average, women take 18 tops, 12 pairs of shorts or skirts and six bikinis on a fortnight abroad but only wear 12 of the tops, six pairs of shorts or skirts and three of the bikinis.

The poll of 3,000 women also showed that they pack eight pairs of shoes for a two-week sunshine break, with 25% managing to find room to take more than 10 pairs.  (note to Janine -> 22 is excessive!!)

But 75% of those surveyed said they wore only six pairs of shoes during their holiday.

Some 23% said packing left them feeling stressed and around 21% said assembling clothes for a holiday was more stressful than going to work.  No wonder!!

What I’d like to know, with  most of them going abroad on a plane from the UK, and the increases reported by such low cost airlines as Easy Jet, how do they manage to get it all on board without incurring huge excess baggage costs? Do they overdress, or does the rest of the family have to survive with only one pair of shorts and a swim suit!!  And who on earth owns, yet along packs, 6 bikini’s??

info from UK women pack £1,140 worth of holiday clothes and wear half – survey. on WGSN

and guess what, it’s also been reported by the Daily Mail!!

Holiday packing: Women over-pack for their two-week summer trip | Mail Online.

2 Responses to “Day 215 – Holiday Thought for the Day….”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Six bikinis? I’m having trouble finding ONE that doesn’t make me want to throw up.

  2. sjef says:

    A little addition to your text would be that English women also train their daughters to adopt the same ‘over’ packing habits, for a week away our daughter could easily have 12 -14 tops in her suitcase, where at home she wears the same top for at least 3 days (a week if she would get the chance). So it’s not in her genes (the Dutch half) this ‘over’ packing!!

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