Day 210 – BBQ in the forest, and an introduction to Rummikub

Our holidays are often interspersed, particularly in bad weather, by games of scrabble or cards (a favourite for the last year has been ‘chasing hearts’).

Janine and Charles (with George) have often fallen victim for our love of games, so it was their turn to get even.

Our night started with a BBQ at their place in the forest…… with Charles doing his usual antics on the cooking front.  He loves lighting the BBQ and setting everything alight.  This time he surpassed even his own skills, but has at least learnt to incinerate and drink at the same time!

After a fabulous meal……. (as somewhere along the way the food arrives immaculate, edible and delicious!)

(obviously a lot to do with Janine’s rescuing skills and pre-preparation!)

we moved on to a new game for our family (one which had obviously been well practiced by the Hawkins……….Rummikub

It’s loosely described as a number game based on cards (and I’m sorry but after a few glasses of vin rose there is no chance of me explaining the rules!) but Boy! was my Hubbie hooked.  So much so, that Charles had to bring the torch out, to check that no cheating was going on!!

The Boys are apparently taking this game very very seriously……. so I have also added it as an App for the iPad (and finally found a new idea for Hubbie’s birthday list in a few weeks time.)

Thanks Guys!

For more info – check out the website –

Rummikub – The official & exclusive game on the net..


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