Day 208 – lunch at Les Sables Blancs Hotel

When the sun is out in Concarneau, one of our favourite hang out spots for lunch is the Hotel at the end of our beach.

At Hotel Les Sables Blancs, the terrace is just ab fab, and the lunch menu, 3 courses at 24 euros, cannot be beaten.  As our son quotes, ‘surely this place has at least one michelin star?’  I would like to point out that he has never actually eaten in a Michelin starred restaurant, but as a sublime food critic, he feels that this place deserves to be on the list!

The food was as wonderful as ever, the company exquisite (this time Rog and Carol joined us, along with my Mum and Dad), and in between courses the kids can run wild on the beach (luckily out of earshot).


And luckily, the sun kept on shining!



If you’re ever in Concarneau – this is the place to be ;

The Restaurant “the Nautile”.


ps. Brittany is supposedly the region with the most restaurants with Michelin stars.  If we ever get off our beach or terrace one day, we’ll have to check this out!!

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