Day 207 – Mum and Dad arrive, along with the…..


Not sure if they really brought it from Cornwall, due to the fact that the iPhone has consistently shown Penzance to be 3 degree’s cooler than us. (Yes I spend a lot of time checking out that no-one, apart from Sharon and Max in Majorca, and Richard and Sabine in NYC, have better weather than we do!).  But we are all so happy to see that lovely yellow ball in the sky, that we spent the whole day camped on the terrace.  The Kids were in and out of the water (hence the amount of kit drying on the steps)

They managed to cover kayaking, diving, and rock pooling, plus a bit of general splashing around.  Unfortunately the wind has dropped so it wasn’t possible to windsurf today.

Janine has started to wear, and photograph, her 22 (guesstimate but may’be on the low side!!) pairs of shoes.  More to follow on that in a later blog I hope.

As a woman who loves shoes, but manages to live in her Birkenstocks for most of the summer, at least the bad weather has meant I’ve spent a bit of time making my feet more beautiful.  This is a photo for my friends who happily pointed out what I needed to do……. (nail painting courtesy of my Daughter!)

OK, enough on the feet front, back to my main chit chat today!

We chilled for an aperitif in the evening, and BBQ’d.  And then played Petanque (Boules) and Cards late into the night.  This is what holidays are all about, and Boy, doesn’t that Big Yellow Ball in the Sky, make such a difference to your mood.  More tomorrow……



2 Responses to “Day 207 – Mum and Dad arrive, along with the…..”
  1. Henny says:

    The sun was shining today because of uncle H.’s birthday… (says he).

    Love, Henny

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