Day 206 – no improvement yet…….

but at least it got warmer.

We had a lovely lunch at La Hune, chilled the afternoon at home, and BBQ’d (yes! warm and not wet) outside on Janine’s terrace tonight.  Lots of great food and laughter, restrained amount of alcohol, and good cheer.  Certainly needed by Hubbie, who is showing signs of sun-withdrawal.  His tan is coming on (could it be rust or lack of showering?), but it’s nowhere near to his normal holiday level.

Please God let the sun shine tomorrow, even the kids are getting too computer/tv addicted.

Mum and Dad arrive, so here’s hoping they bring it with them!!

One Response to “Day 206 – no improvement yet…….”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Ha! I love that photo, it’s very cool.

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