Day 204 – The Hawkins arrive….

with supplies from England (how I love my delivery of Crunchies/Curly Wurlys/Flakes, etc)


It’s great to have more of the ‘English Gang’ here. as we have now been nicknamed by Aurelie and Jacques at Les Boucaniers!  We hit a new high today by lunching there en masse (6 adults and 3 kids) and starting off with a free bottle of champagne!!  Unfortunately we’d all just ordered aperitifs when it arrived (and the wine for lunch) so we looked like complete lushes before the food even arrived…..

An interesting part of the afternoon occurred when a newly wedded couple turned up for their wedding photo’s on the beach

Most of the gang decamped to sleep on the beach (while the younger gang played beach games), with Roger and Carol calling it a day after a good snooze around 6pm.

Janine and I managed to sit on the restaurant terrace drinking numerous bottles of rose, til 7pm,  oops!  and then she bravely cycled home and fell in a hedge,(while I hitched a lift with my much more sober Hubbie).

I can now safely report that, we have now both sworn allegiance to moderation for the rest of the holiday.

Fingers crossed!

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