Day 203 – My iPad App Day

Finally I found time to research my iPad, and spend some time searching for App’s, with a little help from my friends!

I had this funny feeling I wasn’t using it to the max, but when I started to dig in, I realised just how minimal I had been on the iPad!!

My first kick off was Flipboard, this is a great organiser of all your daily feed.  After a few hiccups (me not the App!) I had managed to link up my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and discover Google Reader, which has sent me flying round the blog world now that I know how to ‘subscribe’.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, opening up Flipboard and discovering in a magazine format, all my feeds, tweets and FB posts!!

Actually as LinkedIn, and Facebook, don’t actually have a decent iPad app themselves, Flipboard is a must for that function.  (You can use Friendly for FB but I find it freezes a lot and is not easy to work your way around, and there is no LinkedIn app at all!!!).

I have also started out with Zinio, an app for reading magazines on the iPad.  So far have spent a lot of time reading my free first issue of iPhone Life, which also had a lot of App ideas featured.  Basically you pay for downloads, but can choose your first magazine to try out for free.

For the kids, I downloaded Jenga HD, which has entertained them for at least 30 mins this afternoon, and they love Scrabble. (and I have to admit it is addictive on planes playing against the computer!).  Numbers League is a great Maths App, using superheroes to catch the villians, my Daughter was addicted within 10 minutes and refused to let her Brother play!

I also purchased or free-downloaded, some creative and organisational App’s, as well as some more for the kids, which we haven’t had time to test out yet.  More to follow I promise, over the cloudier days here while in France.

It’s late now, and the house is sleeping, and judging by the state of my eyes, I should join them in the Land of Nod.  I wish that I had had the time today to try out one other App I purchased, Star Walk as I can’t wait to look at the night sky with the iPad and see lists and details of stars, planets and satellites!!  May’be that’s for a late night tomorrow night!

Sweet dreams…….


Flipboard for iPad.

iPad | Zinio Digital Magazines and Books.

Jenga HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

SCRABBLE™ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Numbers League for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guide for iPad on the iTunes App Store.


And a BIG ‘Thank You’ to my friends who contributed……Jules, Nathalie and Yasmina!!  Keep sending the great tips for App’s!!

2 Responses to “Day 203 – My iPad App Day”
  1. Jules says:

    So great to hear you have found some of the apps interesting. I have also loved filling the ipad up for my trip. I am now up to 5 magazines, 2 audiio books, 20 podcasts. Still need to get some music and a movie perhaps. By the way you can play with up to 4 players in Numbers league and makes it much more fun. So, helpful for the arguing during holidays.

  2. Henny says:

    We like Star Walk too! And iBooks with a dictionary function and Classical I, because of it’s quality of sound, Mathboard, to practice math, and Gallery, to watch art, (sharp images!) and Pocket Piano to practice piano, Liquid to see how different liquids move and Air Hockey for fun.

    Love, Henny

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