Day 201 – the DIY man and his hired help!

Behind every good DIY man, stands an active Cleaner.  In Brussels I have hired help, en France, c’est moi!

I was woken today to the sound of the drill (OMG), Hubbie was in the basement knocking out bricks.  I was slightly worried that he had decided to knock through to the lower bedroom under the terrace, but luckily he was just looking for the source of the damp.  (My theory is that seeing as the house spends half it’s life within 5 metres of the sea, it’s the sea!).

On further inspection, he’d also plastered some special damp reducing gunge on the garage wall (courtesy of Doug and a problem he once had in Brussels!)

I decided to leave pretty pronto, on the return of very wet kids from windsurfing, and scooted off the the local Geant supermarket to stock up on food.  A coffee at Carol’s extended it for another 1/2 hour but I eventually had to face going home.  Hit by the smell of some obnoxious damp reducing paint, and not happy kids, I climbed my own ladder and started cleaning, the glass extension to the kitchen.  Of course, there is dust everywhere now in the house, but until the drill goes back in the garage, I’m hanging up my cleaning pinny and enjoying the new seating in the back garden.  Fingers crossed tomorrow we can move back to the front terrace……….the BBQ food is ready and waiting!!

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