Day 199 – The Windy forecast today…….

Is……. very strong, in fact very very strong.  The kids headed out for their Windsurfing school (day 1) with a concerned look on their faces.  They have clocked up hours of sailing (but only one week of windsurfing in relatively calm conditions), and wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this weather when safely sat on a catamaran.  But when faced with a force 6 and rain, they faces crumble at the thought of 2 hours in the water.

I ventured down to watch them at 11am (already 1 hour into their lesson), worried that they would already be whining and wanting time out.  I was amazed to find them both in the water, standing upright, and sailing boldly out to sea, with a huge smile on their faces (as all the others – older than them, were in and out of the water like a yo-yo).  Yippee!

I also met a really interesting ex-Belgian on the beach today as I stood on the side lines encouraging the kids.  Mary is 63 yrs old and moved to Concarneau 20 yrs ago to become a sailing instructor and marine biologist (with very little former training).  She supervises the young (and rather cute!) instructors as a job now, and just loves the area and the life.  I am so tempted…….

5 Responses to “Day 199 – The Windy forecast today…….”
  1. Henny says:

    They are doing great! In Dutch we have a saying: “De appel valt niet ver van de boom.” Maybe Sjef can translate?

    Love, Henny

  2. Janine says:

    It must have been watching charles that made them so good 😉

  3. Hélène says:

    Hi there,

    well how’s that! Ours had the same weather AND experience at the Belgian coast’s sailing school and today we extended our creativity with and through this weather such that we ended up in a internet café, a ‘nouveauté’ and ‘primeur’!

    bye and keep up!
    Hélène in Northern France

    • looks like it’s all over Europe at the moment, we’ve had a couple of nice days but showers again tonight! More friends arrive tomorrow so hopefully we can beach it!!
      Have a lovely rest of your holiday up North,
      Lizzi in Western France

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