Day 198 – A great day for the windsurfers……..

but not for the sunbathers!  We filled the windy and wet morning by going to two markets, and had a market ‘Roast Chicken and Potato’ lunch.  Hubbie is on house clearing exercise no 2, and is tackling the basement.  Of course all he finds to chuck out is immediately leapt on by our Daughter as something vital for her to keep, or for the cat.  Currently she has two cardboard boxes complete with home-made doors and living areas, constructed in the kitchen.  Not quite what Hubbie had in mind when he started the tidy-up!

Hubbie has now escaped to the terrace, having seen one sunbeam shoot from the sky.

For once my suntan is better than his, and this is not going down well.  Particularly when I pointed out he is more likely to get rusty this week than suntanned!  The terrace escape lasted for 3 minutes, the rain rolled back in and current Concarneau stormy weather was resumed.  More dvd’s tonight then, must make sure it’s a comedy this time! But first, we’re off out for a wet walk, what fun!

3 Responses to “Day 198 – A great day for the windsurfers……..”
  1. Henny says:

    Maybe my brother should go back to windsurfing…

    Love, Henny

    • At his age? He’s safer on the Hobie Cat and less likely to damage his back! Looks like the kids are taking after his old windsurfing skills though, they had a great day today in high winds! x

  2. Henny says:

    I always think of him as ‘jung und knusprig’ and will probably keep on doing that 🙂

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