Day 197 – The sunshine arrives… least in my dreams!

well at least in the form of my Hubbie!  The train rolled in on time and after a wet reunion on the station platform at Rosporden, we drove home for a cheese and wine celebratory lunch.  After a tidy up in the Garage (he can’t resist tackling something messy the minute he walks in the door), we headed up to Roger and Carol’s for an aperitif (or two) and then collapsed in front of the TV to watch a movie which as usual I sobbed most of the way through it (as it involved a family and their dying dog).  I have become a total embarassment to the family, as my emotional state (I’m sure it’s that time of life, combined with one too many glasses of red wine), means I cannot watch anything without dissolving into the sniffles.  1/2 a kitchen roll later, and I’d recovered enough to climb into bed, as the wind rattled the windows, and it felt more like a stormy February night, not a July summer holiday.  C’est la vie!  There’s always tomorrow?


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