Day 196 – There is always a silver lining…..

in the clouds somewhere.  Life today has been a touch difficult.  We were not sure if Hubbie would manage to sort the crumbling facade out and get on the train, not sure if any Belgian builders would come back from their holidays to do it, and not sure how the hell we would finance it.

It’s no fun being 850kms away and leaving it to your other half to cope with all the aggro.  All I could do was sit on the end of the phone for updates and send out messages to family and friends.  From that side, it’s impressive what Facebook and Twitter can achieve these days.  We had a quite a few friends and people we know, respond within 30 minutes with ideas and concrete help, and on top of that, a few phone calls to close pals and family gave us a lot of leads.  As it turns out, Opa has come up trumps from NL, with a builder who will come to Brussels to shore us up.  And on top of this, great friends Pieter and Jules, have volunteered to oversee the work early next week, so that Hubbie could head to France first thing in the morning.

What more could you ask for?  Apart from a daughter who picks up the vibes, and suddenly becomes super helpful, super loving (and out of the blue bought her broke brother a lego set he’d been after forever).  Sometimes a crisis brings out the best in everybody…… and makes you appreciate what is really important in life.

So now I’m really looking forward to finally starting the family holiday in France……..whatever the weather! (and I can assure you, after 4pm today – it no longer looks this good!)  I’m hanging onto the memories of blue skies forever!

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