Day 195 – Fireworks……..

Last night we walked into Concarneau around 10.30pm, to watch the fireworks to mark Bastille Day in France.  They were as impressive as ever.  It’s great to sit on the rocks, and just stare at the sky in wonder for 20 minutes.   However you’re feeling, they are guaranteed to make you smile.  (note for next year – take a cushion as it’s very uncomfortable sitting on barnicles with a bike-worn bottom!)

I wish I had some fireworks tonight to cheer me up, as I’m feeling very sad and frustrated.  Hubbie just called to say that part of our stone bay window on the first floor has just collapsed.  One day from his departure to join us on holiday, and well into the Belgian builders holidays, it’s not a great time to try and get this fixed.  Looks like his departure will be delayed, so now the whole family is feeling sad and down, and helplessly waiting for more news.  Bring on some fireworks….. which are also supposed to ward off the evil spirits.  Some good luck is needed over here, right now please?

One Response to “Day 195 – Fireworks……..”
  1. sjef says:

    Found a dutch builder who will come on Monday to support the crumbling construction and Pieter has been ever so kind to offer overseeing the works so that I can be on the train to Brittany.. He rightly said “there’s nothing you can do whilst they are there so just bugger off…”
    Therefore a BIG thank you to Pieter and watch out Lizzi & I & T & J…
    I will be on the first train to Concarneau tomorrow :-))

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