Day 191 – Sunday markets and doing things I don’t normally have to…..

Of course the highlight of arriving in France after the arduous journey on a Saturday, is the thrill of the market on a Sunday.  I almost wish it was Sunday every other day when you’re here, actually not a bad idea when you’re in Belgium too!

As it’s holiday time, it’s busy, and you queue at every stall, but it’s lovely to be back at the time of peche plate (flat peaches which are divine), loads of juicy apricots (memories of the apricot jam I made last year) and succulent cherries and strawberries.  We bought bag fulls, and munched on them all afternoon.

Our cheese man was there as always, shook our hands and welcomed us back, and treated the kids to an extra slice of compte 16 mois (our son’s favourite).  I resisted the urge to head round to Les Boucs for a quick drink (made easier by the fact that Charles and Janine, and Rog and Carol are not here yet!) and instead headed for home with cheese and bread and loads of fresh fruit.

Our afternoon consisted of getting straight outside, as the weather was lovely if a little cool.  We tidied up the garden, the terrace and the lower deck (which was full of seaweed).  I only resorted to 2 calls to Hubbie today, one for the question ‘3 out of 4 keys for the basement are on the keyring, where’s the other?’ and one for ‘where are the tools for screwing the steps onto the terrace?’.   Not bad, I must be getting better at life in Concarneau sans my DIY Hubbie.  We all still miss him like mad though!  Roll on Saturday!!!

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