Day 190 – the long drive to Paradise……

I survived!  My first trip to Concarneau without Hubbie.  9 hours on the road with the two monkeys, one toilet stop, one refuel, lots of emmets (cornish for holidaymakers in caravans and overloaded cars!) and huge queues at the toll booths in France.  We  became experts at keeping left (in the T lane for prepaid) just swooping in to the right at the last moment.  I reckon there are a few drivers still cursing that b****y belgian 4×4 even as I type this!  We arrived to full sunshine (fresh but dry) around 7pm, and then started the mega unpack.  You see we had to bring our daughters old belgian bike to swop for the shiny new one we keep in France, so muggins here, had to first negotiate for the first time in her life, the hugely difficult bike rack at the boot of the car, before unpacking could even commence.  That was the first call home to Hubbie (followed by two more as I found it incredibly difficult to unscrew).

We had brought enough ship memorabilia that Hubbie had picked up cheap, to start a garage sale, clothes for every possible weather condition, BBQ stuff for a week from Jack O’Shea’s, my bio box of veg, the kids waveboards/surfboards and skateboards….etc etc.  So much for having a holiday home where you can leave everything you want to!  Trouble is, kids keep growing and changing their interests.  Oh yeah, I forgot we had to bring a clarinet and a guitar! (and my knitting!)

Then oh joy of joys, where was the cat litter tray, oh yeah and once found, where was the cat litter?  Another call home, for Hubbie to apologise for not remembering to pack us a spare bag!  By this stage, Joseph the cat, had everything crossed, and was meeowing wildly from the captivity of his travelling box where he had been cooped up for 10 hours.  Luckily, as eternal horders, I found some crunched brown paper wrapping curtesy of Cowshed Christmas pressies last year in the garage (no idea why we were keeping that!), and it worked wonders in his litter tray overnight. -> he has a tendency to show his disapproval of his toilet facilities on our sofa if we don’t keep it nice clean and tidy!

After some Cornish pasties warmed up in the oven, a glass of wine and an episode of Casualty (yeah the kids even managed to get the tv going!), we crashed out for a solid 10 hours sleep.  Bliss, what a great start to 3 weeks in Paradise………..

3 Responses to “Day 190 – the long drive to Paradise……”
  1. grandad says:

    the correct word for visirors is emmmets not emits

    • sjef says:

      visirors…. ?? I guess you mean visitors ?
      emmmets…?? shouldn’t that be emmets ?
      Just leave the correct English spelling to the Dutch..:-)
      See you soon

  2. thank you to all in my family for correcting my spelling mistakes! emmets is the correct spelling – thx sjef, but where is the ‘visitors’ – guess you are on another post??

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