Day 189 – the night before……

leaving for holidays -> I hate it.  Packing kills me, particularly when it involves both me and the kids (as Hubbie stays home to work for another week at least).  I always thought that having a holiday home meant you did half as much, but because you can have all your own stuff there, you tend to take twice as much with you!

So I resort to lists as always, but this time decided to involve the kids in making their own, sorting their own clothes and stuff out, and loading it into a bag.  It was my attempt at avoiding the ‘3 hour into the journey’ moans……. where are my headphones/I forgot my book!

I was impressed, their lists were very specific, and even down to the number of knickers needed for a 3 week trip.  Then Hubbie mentioned we had a washing machine, so half was subtracted and returned to the wardrobe.  Trouble is, you still have to play safe, and cover all the odds (wind/rain and sun, dutch/english and french stuff, electronics/board games and books)

The down side was, they took over my room, my bed and all the bags, so I had to wait 2 hours before I could start on my own stuff.  Now I have the equivalent space of a tiny handbag in the back of the car.

So here I am, 11pm at night, writing the blog, knowing that I still have to pack my stuff off the bed before I can crawl in……….help! and that alarm goes off at 6am.  Night, night!





2 Responses to “Day 189 – the night before……”
  1. sjef says:

    You’re going on a summer holiday, and yes it is Concarneau (Bretagne), but you could still survive with a couple of T-shirts , a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans and some knickers…. so why all the big bags…
    I guess I will be the one loading them all in the car tomorrow morning.. 🙂
    night night..Hubbie

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