Day 187 – and Chilling with my Girlfriends…..

Tonight was a last get together before the summer holidays for the ‘Girls’.  Some have already departed for warmer and sunnier climes, the rest of us are playing the waiting game.  So what better excuse to get together on my terrace for a final party before the summer break!

At 7.40 all was cool and chilled, terrace venue was ready,  food prepared and the rock band just warming up…………….

I’d spent most of the day panicking over the weather, as I had said a BBQ was the order of the day, forgetting the temperate nature of Brussels, and the fact that my Hubbie ALWAYS does the BBQ.  So deep jump in, and here goes……… the first all female BBQ with me lighting the BBQ and then cooking on it!



just need my guests………



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