Day 184 – @Redu, the Book Village in the Ardennes

What to do with the rest of yesterday, after the mega breakfast, became a bit of a challenge late morning, as Kurt and Alexandra are so busy with their home that they rarely have time to go anywhere (that sounds so familiar!).  But it was a nice if mixed day, and having Hubbie away from work and DIY is sonething you have to take advantage of.  I fancied a walk around a nearby pretty village, the kids became concerned that it might involve shops.  So we settled on a very windy road drive through beautiful countryside and forests, to arrive at Redu.

The tiny village of Redu (pop. 500) became Continental Europe’s first book village in 1984. Local antiquarian Noel Anselot was inspired by the concept which had worked so well in the Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye since the 1960’s.  Redu now attracts 300,000 book-lovers each year. La Nuit du Livre (“the night of the book”), held in early August , would be a great time to go, as bookshops stay open all-night with foodstalls and fireworks.

We had a walk around, and popped into a few bookshops (although I resisted the temptation to go upstairs in one to the english section).  We drank a beer in the square (ate Orval cheese and local salami), played in a giant book playground, and visited a couple of gift shops.  I managed to pick up some free bookmarks, take a few inspiring photo’s, and not spend a thing!

Does anyone know where to get these fabulous planting sacks by the way??

2 Responses to “Day 184 – @Redu, the Book Village in the Ardennes”
  1. Henny says:

    You really make great photographs. Thank you for taking us with you on your trip!

    Love, Henny

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