Day 182 – Weekend in the Ardennes

This weekend we’re in the Ardennes, guests of Kurt and Alexandra, for our first stayover in the Belgian countryside. Having left clear instructions with Jules on the finer points of our pets, we kissed goodbye to Joseph the cat, Gabriella, Betsy and Thila the chickens and packed our car with clothes food and 8 eggs for our weekend in Barzin.

The drive was relatively easy, considering it was the first day of the ever so long Belgian summer holidays, and we arrived in a record 1 hour 10 minutes, due to the fact that everyone in the car was too busy on computers to worry about my speedometer.

The house is superb! Kurt has spent years telling us the horror stories of what sounded like a delapidated hut in the middle of a wilderness of garden. What we arrived to, was a wonderful Ardennes home with stone floors, beams, and great stuffed animals (more on that over the weekend!). Kurt and Alexandra this year decided to start renting out their inherited family home, and have spent a lot of time cleaning it up and maintaining it’s character. The result is a really authentic Ardennes home which can sleep up to 8.

After a quick italian meal in the nearby village, we crashed out to a deep and relaxing sleep in the quiet countryside. Just what we all need……. A touch of life in the slow lane.


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